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Fledgling Daeva equipment

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I do not think you can get it for your existing characters that are already on level 10 :(  I am in the same situation, plus I have levels 57/60 that cannot get the fledgling purple armour set and weapon just because they did the required quest before all this happened. If your characters are just over level 10 you could delete them and make new one, you will be getting the fledgling armour + 10. :)

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The silver fledgling daeva armor is recommend for 10 to level 50, though you use it till level 55. At level 55 you can get the elite fledgling daeva at Cygnea/Enshar from the first mainquest. That one can be used towards level 70. Both sets can you only get if your char didn't have passed the level to which you would get it. For the silver fledgling you need a toon that has not passed level 10 yet, otherwise you won't be able to get it. For the black and gold elite one you need one which ain't level 55 yet.
As for myself; my main was already level 65 when i quit, so i didn't got the elite one. That one use fearless skirmisher currently, bloodmark armor. My alts were already past level 10, but not past 55, so i got the elite one on them. My sorc alt is 66 now, wandering around in elite fledgling gear and my glad just got to 55. It was using the theobomos set (renewed daevanion) before.

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