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Alt & Warehouse Guilds - Recruiting - DN server


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I have two legions for alts - and warehouses if anyone needs one. I'll open up the Guild Warehouse so they can swap items back and forth.

However - if anyone takes your items.. it's between you.  ;)

Tribe > Warehouse Alts - all level 11

Mochi > Crafting/Gathering/Farming Alts (mine are 65+ but any level is welcome - if you just want a legion for now)   - I'm only on these for some dailies and to farm / craft / gather

Just hit G > enter in the Legion name > click Join - it is set on auto-recruit.

Both are level 4 Legions.

My girls are the BG and Deputies and well.. no one else there yet. 

Ode is not in either of these legions btw.  

** Why recruit for these?  Well, some folks just like a guild tag over their name and

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Sorry just an edit - this is not to STORE items in the Guild Warehouse -- but to MOVE things from one character to another more easily.

After work - I can log in to give rank and clear both of my guild warehouses out.

Trust - really helps when your trying to sort out items between accounts.



Legion names:

Tribe    (warehouses) and Mochi  (alts - mine are 65+) -- ANY level is fine.


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