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Rather than a reset, I'd say just raise/remove the AP cap. We all know the legion ranks don't really mean much of anything, but to be fair- have they ever? It's still a feature of the game, listed for everyone to see, so might as well make it at least a little more relevant. You don't even have to wipe everyone to zero; let the super old and dead legions fall off the ranks into obscurity, and let the active ones climb up! ^_^

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The cap is there because of the max amount the allocated variable goes, what they could do is transform the AP they have into a new ranking system, and make sure that 1m AP gets (lets say) 1 legion rank point. This way legions wouldn't be able to hit the cap so easily.

The thing is that all of this was designed pre 6.0 where Ap was eitehr hard to get or too important and thus it was a good way to make ranks out of it.

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