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Did you click on the other server and see if your old character was there?

You're posting from a character on Danaria named 2s2B26A5, who is a gladiator.

9 minutes ago, 2s2B26A5-DN said:

When I opened the recommended server, it made me completely restart. I was a level 31 Gladiator, but I am unable to play on that character now. Can you please explain in detail what I need to do to get it back?


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But you're posting from a character on Katalam. .-. Did you make that character recently?

Are you logging in on the correct account? (if you have multiple accounts)

How long has it been since you last played?


Also, are you on the right version of the game? This is North America Aion published by NCWest, not GameForge Aion (EU Aion).

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