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Is the game worth returning to?


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The game is free, so you waste nothing but your time by giving it a shot. If you have a solid group of friends, you should enjoy your time. With the lack of care given to the NA game and the developers moving more and more towards pay2win, chances are Aion will not become your longterm game.

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The game has never been more solo-friendly ever before, especially after 6.x came. Everything is possible to be done by loners (I am one). With the exception of running end game pve instances in hard mode, but you can find groups that are not legion-bound or exclusive, (like EB was back in the days, or Frozen Monolith was in 5.8).

For pvp instnaces you can literally not care less these days, you can trade etiums and fighting spirit fragments (pvp upgrade materials for pvp armor and weapons) and you can get an insane amount of AP solo in an instance called Herelym Mine. Your only "problem" would be the enchants but this can be solved by resetting the pvp instances for your main (you can enter them as many times as you wish with a fee).

The grouped things to do will always beat the solo things. If you have a static group of friends to do things you will find yourself in less bad situations, less gangs, easier finishing of quests and less downtime looking for a group or having to go with a random group in pvp instaces.

If you want to be invested in the game and enjoy the full aspect of it, at this point you either pay a lot of money to catch up or you simply enjoy the progress and deal with the fact there are end game characters that can melt you. Everyone knows gear matters so much so when someone kills someone else they no longer even brag about it or call you names for losing. Class imbalance is also the leading force in the game as always.

Pros: Easier to gear than before, solo/social friendly patch
Cons: gear matters more than anything, class imbalance is the first rule of Aion, pay to win is stronger than before, people who never stopped playing are lights ahead of new players.

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I would really like to say yes, since the servers are getting empty, more players would be very good..

However with the attention that NCsoft is giving to our game also the game has gone p2w/insane grinding, its not worth it

People say that's easy to gear now, thats true, but most of your character's strength is coming from things that are not that easy to get, almost EVERYTHING is enchantable now and if you dont have it, you gonna have a bad time

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