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Crash game all entries for Cygnea/Instance mission/Drakenspire Depths


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Crash game all entries for Cygnea/Instance mission/Drakenspire Depths-I want play it again now
I did all possible improvements and changes related to this kind of crash already:
=msconfig - all start up programs DISABLED
=following a nice person post's on youtube i bypassed the crash (skip loading screen)
=restart computer
I want to play this instance mission again today and not wait till the instance entries reset!!! I actually didn't played them ...
This come after lot of other technical problems related to game play in the last few days
If these kind of issues continue further I quit this game and delete fully account posting everywhere how laggy and problematic is! I already spend about quart of the time dedicated to this game trying to solve problems I encountered starting with the game installation and time again for posting in forum!
I understand its a game requiring not a common system to work properly but an advanced one! Still you can't ask people to spend over 2 thousand euro for gaming machine only to play a so-called ''FREE TO PLAY'' game then to have expectations for those players to become your ''CUSTOMERS'' too buying in-game stuff with so many game problems running all the time ..
I am sorry but if I don't get my answer tonight I will do what I told before in this description with all the respect I have for the huge work I am sure has been done to be created (especially the graphic work) but the game live play give too many errors and now limitations (regarding in-game trading) to be a good option on the market!
P.S. It's just silly that I have time now to play a game with all the COVID-19 virus global issue and moreover I am waiting for a new card on my bank account been being almost decided to use it for improve my account on this game which is with all the problems one of the most likeable so far for me but from this point I might reconsider my decision and the game investment will find another producer all depending of your actions and support tonight!

For ppl who encountered similar problem try the fix posted by devrQst added to the game developers advice:


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