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@Cyan katalam server is going down..

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Half of all the NPCs are not working. One trade broker shugo works but the other doesn't. Warehouse NPC doesn't work. Gold Sand Traders not working. Stormwings not working. Some bosses not working etc etc etc. Siege should be interesting. Hope everyone has teleport scrolls!

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Can confirm, multiple NPC over multiple channels, "invalid target" message when attempting to interact with NPC. May of these are campaign quest givers that prevent progression until quest is complete.

Changing channel will sometimes provide a version of the NPC that works, however this is not possible in Pando and in some other areas all channels have the problem.

I have checked all my characters (old and New) across a variety of levels.

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On 15/04/2020 at 2:27 PM, Cyan said:

The issue has been escalated and is currently being investigated.

What about compensation, some of us spent luna to reset instances or had entries wasted because we couldn't do the instances. E.g I couldn't get my minium vault runs done because I couldn't target the npc. Not right that I suffer while others aren't negatively impacted it.

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