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Having Technical Issue Pertaining to Software


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Errrr, Ya, Had to wipe and am now re-loading AION but that isn't the reason for this post.

Paging MooMoo!!!

Did we ever solve those issues a while back with some ppl using GeForce Graphics cards in AION in machines running AMD CPU's? I've ran into a sort of pickle recently that has sort of forced me to go against my golden rule when building gaming PC's which is in a nutshell: When building a machine such as mine which has an AMD Black Edition 8 core CPU and in addition more so also has both a Northbridge and Southbridge chipset that are also AMD you never use an nVida based Graphics card.

Weee-yall, my original Radeon cards fan took to the crapper and because of severe financial stresses I'd rather not mention right now (In short, Illinois was a huge mistake-more on that another time) I can't afford to replace it right now. So, a friend I met up here gave me this GeForce card out of an Alienware machine to use and as you can prolly guess, I'm having a multitude of issues. I've tried the standard things one would usually do in the nVida control panel all to no avail. 

What is happening is I get in game okay and then after around two or three minutes my screen starts flashing and there is nothing I can do until it recovers which can take anywhere from one to 3 minutes. I've tried limiting the frame rate in game and lowering the quality of resolution in game which doesn't help either.

From my research on the nVida forums ppl with much newer cards than this GTX series I'm using who are using these Game ready drivers seem to be having many of the same issues I'm having across many games although nVida has produced some fixes for some of these drivers. There just doesn't seem to be one for the driver I am forced to use or if there is, I do not know where to find it.

There, that is all I know so far. I'll have access to the internet for today and tomorrow morning but after that my replies may be sporadic because I may be on the street for a while living out of my vehicle while I wait on my stimulus check. Yes, a lot has happened since my last post. 

I thank you MooMoo, and anyone else who may be able to help me with this in advance for your replies.

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4 hours ago, Aieryn-DN said:

I think I need to ask Cheesy about this as well. It has been a while and I don't remember who I was addressing these problems with.

So Paging Cheesy too!!

I will have the card's spec's ready for y'all when you reply.

You gotta message Aly or somebody to ping me on Discord, lol. I've 99% retired from doing support stuff and don't look at the forums as often as I used to. 

I logged in today to see if anyone was still posting about that NPC bug. xD

Did you completely uninstall/wipe out the old AMD drivers? What new nVidia card do you have? Are you using GeForce Experience?

I'm sorry to hear you're having to live out of your car. I heard some of the direct deposit checks went out last night, so hopefully yours came in, unless you're waiting for a paper check. :(

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Hi Cheesy.

I use Discord myself. Look for TrekkieJediGirl. That's me. Been using Discord for years.

Anyways. The card isn't a new one and I'm beginning to think it just may be to old to make work at all. I just re-loaded Windows so my old AMD Graphics drivers aren't a factor. The card is an Alienware GeForce GTX 555. The picture it produces in game are beautiful and all settings are maxed automatically. But as I said I've tried reducing these to no avail. I know there is a fix out there but finding it is the hard part. And from what I understand from their forums these GeForce Game Ready drivers have caused a lot of problems over the years. The last 3 especially. 

And it's not just AION it does this on. It's all my games. AION is one of the worse tho. 

Oh, not living out of my vehicle yet Cheesy but after 11 am tomorrow if I don't have that stimulus check I dam well most likely will be. I haven't gotten it yet today so far.

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I hope you get it soon! We just got ours today.


What PSU wattage do you have in your computer?

Also, the 555 looks like a weird card. One post mentioned that it's made for Alienware, and I'm not sure whether that'd be part of the problem but I like to think it shouldn't be. It should use the same drivers as the other cards.

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Just ordered a Gigabyte RX 470 Radeon GDDR5 G1 graphics card off of ebay so my problem will be solved by proxy. Since my motherboard is a Gigabyte as well these two ought to go well together, lol. 

As some of you know I've been building gaming PC's for half my life now. And as a rule I usually never couple nVida Graphics cards in machines that have AMD CPU's More so in machines like mine who's North and Southbridge chipsets are also AMD. "They just don't PLAY well together." Yup, every bit of pun intended on that one. But my point is too. nVida graphics are awesome in machines with intel CPU's. They have some of the best picture quality and in game shots I've ever seen. They just don't work well with AMD stuff unless the motherboard is one or two ASUS models or EVGA models and the chipsets are intel.

I should have my new card no later than this coming Thursday. 

I thank everyone for your replies.

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