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Gameforge opens Early Access Server for Update 7.5

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Gameforge has something called.. A STAFF. Actual people dedicated to working on their Aion client. Imagine! It's all they do. Work. On. Aion. They come to work (or login to telecommute during the pandemic) and all they need concern themselves about is Aion. What's the next event? Are the rewards relevant? How is the translation for the next patch coming along? Are things selling in the shop? Are there any bugs? Is the community complaining about something? Aion. 8 hour days.. 5 days a week.

All the Aion resources here are shared, except our project lead person. And.. umm. Yeah. So if -any- NCWest game needs attention (those that are left)  they get the attention first and maybe.. just maybe.. when they are done someone does something for Aion. Why are we last? Because we generate the least amount of money. Why do we generate the least amount of money? Because no one spends time on our client.

After the EU servers were sold to Gameforge, there was a long while when we always got things first. Why? Because we were only doing one translation (to English) while Gameforge had to do at least three translations (English, French and German). And Aion actually had dedicated to staff. We had our own exclusive CM. We had, I believe, two people that worked just on our store. We had people. That's not the way things are at NCWest any more. I'm not sure who made the decision, but it was probably some kind of cost-saving idea. Unfortunately while it may have saved money, it also cost them money as Aion is not what it was. No one really cares and it shows.

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