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Question for cyan or gideon

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Is there a reason why Gideon won't allow the BCM to be updated with every skin that it ever had before. It's basically free money that you guys could be getting but you aren't the skin market is bone dry atm and there's a lot of people who would spend money to get the skins they want.

Or is it some technical issue that they can't figure out

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I will only assume there are restrictions in the amount of items they can put in the code, otherwise it makes no sense, Like we do not expect them to include  EVERY skin from day 1, but there shouldn't even be a rotation, they should make sure to add 5 new skins in the BCM every week, by now they would have had a ton of skins since 6.0 launched.

All skins should be perma in BCM
All mounts that we ever had, should be perma in BCM
All housing items that were ever acquirable should be perma in BCM

...I didn't even ask for them to be in luna or GST (aka with no real money). They could be making some money if they wanted.

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Ah, the Age old question, er, well, since the 6.0 hack job anyways, lol. Ya, I've been wanting to buy that pagatti mount that looks kinda like a Dragon for all my new characters since then but they havent brought it back yet. Yes, I have the Flying Pagatti on most of them but I like the other one too but they don't want to bring it back for some reason and I've asked and asked, and asked, and asked, and asked, and asked, and asked, and,........ well, you get the idea, till I'm litterally blue in the face from asking but they don't seem to want to bring it back for some reason. I have it on my main Aieryn and a few of my other older characters that have been around for a while but none of my newer ones have it yet. Oh well, all I can do I guess is just wait, and hope, and hope, and hope............Ya, you get that idea too................

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