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Selling limit on account


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I have played since launch, left 2014 and am returning player. I have not encountered this before. Is there a selling limit? If so, why get a prestige pass? This happened yesterday so will it reset. It said for the week.

The forum doesn't connect to current player info. I posted this. Name KallaSiel, 80 Chanter.


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3 hours ago, 1s54A91-KT said:

OK, thanks but I don't know where that may have come from. Combined, my toons don't have that much or have sold any thing like that. I'm making alts to get stigmas. Appreciate your reply.


The sale limit was increasing with the level of the character. This was also based on the highest char int he account because the limit is account wide and not per char. So a lower level character had less sales limit than a fully leveled character.

Of course some times a brand new char some times gets the limit even if he hasn't sold anything and I only found this glitch in new chars made.

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