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When they will make events a nice thing and Dont annoying like this.??


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Im tired of events when you have to collect itens and they make us loose  1 hours trying to get a dam Item and we have to see all those ppl trying t steal your mob?   some are really annoying and we have to see this disrespect... and is Useless try to complain..., NCSOFT dont think that someone harassing you for hours and  stealing your mobs are any kind of infraction, so what you can do if you are not a Sin or can handle a duals  swords to attack faster?  try to find another mob? give up??   or wait 2 hours and maybe you can get the DAM item that never drops?

 I know This is only a BS and Nobody will take any kind of providences,  make mobs a lil more  distant  or not alow the second hit win when other THEIF is trying to steal. What is that?? a torture game or a should be a Entertainment.

MAke more mobs and encrease that dam drop hate    1 hour of suffering is not cool


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