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Best (Advanced) Daevanion Skills for each class? And How-To.


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What is the best (Advanced) Daevanion Skills for each class?

Hit "k" to bring up the Skills window then look on the Daevanion Skill tab, hover over the gray boxes to see the details of the Daevanion skills that have not been acquired.

To enchant a Daevanion skill you use a skill book.  Once a skill is enchanted to +15 it unlocks the (Advanced) version of the Daevanion skill and cannot be enchanted further.

Some people have luck enchanting a certain skill with a skill book of any skill up to +3 or +4.  After that they use the skill book that matches the skill they are trying to enchant.

If you fail an enchanting attempt the enchantment will go down by one.  There is a "safe point" at +10.  Once a skill is enchanted to +10 it won't go lower than +10.

You can also guarantee the enchantment won't go down on failure by using a Daevanion Essence.  Currently these can be obtained on the Black Cloud Market (BCM) and from events.

Skill books can be Aethercrafted from 6x Daevanion Marks of Knowledge.  Once a week you can buy 6 marks from the Crafting Material Contributor in the Lakrum home base for 80,000 AP each.

Sometimes a shugo will appear in some instances.  If he is killed quickly, before he disappears, he may drop a skill book.

The DP Daevanion skill can be obtained by combining four skill books, with luck.


So what do you think is the best (Advanced) Daevanion Skill?   For Songweaver none of the them look to me like "must haves."

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