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Kinah making


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Run instances, sell the low supps to NPC (Anything below greater), sell the accessories to NPC (1.2m+ from eternal DSL neck)
DE the mythic you don't need for dust & chronos/eternity stones, you can either keep or sell these (Needed for morphing stones & other stuff)
Farm mobs for spirit stone of eternity (Everyone wants these) Or buy from landing and sell on broker
FP/AoE/CoE items can be sold on broker for a decent price
There's always professions too, all in all you should be kinah capped to NPC from just instance runs by selling low supps/accs and get another 
few hundred mil from selling stuff on broker :)
(There's always other methods too but I wont spill all! Gotta feed mah hunger)

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There really is no clear cut way to make Kinah in this game. If you are looking for the fastest easiest way then it's selling Ncoin. After that it's getting lucky during events. All of your other options are grinding. Delicat has give you many options but you are going to want at least one toon 66+, preferably lvl 70 so you can easily get groups for AoE. At your current level you shouldn't be concerning yourself with making kinah.

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