Despite there being several videos and text how-to guides out there for how to remove the loading bar on the Aion login screen, so many people still don't know how to do it correctly. Hopefully these detailed screencaps will help you. I highly recommend doing this; your friends will thank you if you sendlog/DC during a pvp/pve instance! A few notes: 1. After a detailed* maintenance, you will get the loading bar again. This is normal, and it will only happen once. (* If it's just a Wednesday maintenance where they didn't really make any changes, you probably won't get the loading screen, but if we get a new event, they make changes, etc, then you will.) 2. Sometimes the file just gets corrupted for some reason, and even though you've done the fix, you have to re-do it. I find that I have to re-do it every 6-8 months. Step 1: Close the Aion client(s) if you're currently logged in. Step 2: Navigate to the folder on your computer where you have Aion installed. If you don't have it installed on an SSD, it will probably be: Step 3: Go into the "data" folder and then go into the "dump" folder. Step 4: Copy the "config" file to your desktop or some other random folder. The reason we are copying it elsewhere (temporarily) is because many computers will prevent you from saving the file after you edit it if it is still in this folder. Step 5: Open this "config" file (on your desktop or wherever you copied it). Step 6: Change ValidTableDump= AND NormalStop= to the number 1 (for both). Step 7: Save the file (still on your desktop or wherever you copied it). Step 8: Cut and paste the file from your desktop back into the folder below. You are REPLACING the existing config file in the "dump" folder with this new one that you just finished editing. Step 9: Right-click on the config file (in your data-dump folder) and click Properties. Step 10: Click the checkbox on "Read-only" under Attributes on the General tab. This step is critical. If you don't set it to read-only, then you will continue to get the loading bar because Aion doesn't "save" your no-loading-bar preference. Step 11: Re-start your Aion client and play the game normally. All done!