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List of items added to the terminated list with update 7.5

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152040000    shop_material_pandora_l_01    Polium Paper    Polium Paper
152040001    shop_material_pandora_d_01    Carta Paper    Carta Paper
152040002    shop_material_pandora_l_02    Verh Collector    Verd Picker
152040003    shop_material_pandora_d_02    Origanum Collector    Origanum Picker
152080051    material_shop_r_quest_80    Legendary Pandora Scroll    Legendary Pandora Scroll
152080052    material_drop_r_quest_80a    Silver Crystal Soul Stone    Silver Crystal Anima Stone
152080053    material_drop_r_quest_80b    Blue Crystal Soul Stone    Blue Crystal Anima Stone
152080054    material_drop_r_quest_80c    Yellow Crystal Soul Stone    Yellow Crystal Anima Stone
152080055    material_drop_r_quest_80d    Scarlet Crystal Soul Stone    Orange Crystal Anima Stone
152080056    material_drop_r_quest_80e    Viridian Crystal Soul Stone    Green Crystal Anima Stone
152080057    material_craft_r_quest_80a    Processed Silver Soul Stone    Processed Silver Anima Stone
152080058    material_craft_r_quest_80b    Processed Blue Soul Stone    Processed Blue Anima Stone
152080059    material_craft_r_quest_80c    Processed Yellow Soul Stone    Processed Yellow Anima Stone
152080060    material_craft_r_quest_80d    Processed Scarlet Soul Stone    Processed Orange Anima Stone
152080061    material_craft_r_quest_80e    Processed Viridian Soul Stone    Processed Green Anima Stone
152080062    material_shop_f_quest_80    Ultimate Pandora Scroll    Ultimate Pandora Scroll
152080063    material_drop_f_quest_80a    Petrified Sap    Petrified Sap
152080064    material_drop_f_quest_80b    Hot Sap    Hot Sap
152080065    material_drop_f_quest_80c    Frozen Sap    Frosty Sap
152080066    material_drop_f_quest_80d    Contaminated Sap    Contaminated Sap
152080067    material_drop_f_quest_80e    Toxic Sap    Toxic Sap
152080068    material_drop_f_quest_80f    Petrified Shell    Petrified Shell
152080069    material_drop_f_quest_80g    Hot Shell    Hot Shell
152080070    material_drop_f_quest_80h    Frozen Shell    Frosty Shell
152080071    material_drop_f_quest_80i    Contaminated Shell    Contaminated Shell
152080072    material_drop_f_quest_80j    Toxic Shell    Toxic Shell
152080073    material_craft_f_quest_80a    Petrification Sealing Wax    Petrification Sealing Wax
152080074    material_craft_f_quest_80b    Thermal Sealing Wax    Flame Sealing Wax
152080075    material_craft_f_quest_80c    Nonthermal Sealing Wax    Frosty Sealing Wax
152080076    material_craft_f_quest_80d    Contaminated Sealing Wax    Contaminated Sealing Wax
152080077    material_craft_f_quest_80e    Toxic Sealing Wax    Toxic Sealing Wax
182216268    quest_60404a    Moonsong Flute    Moon Flute
182216269    quest_60406a    The 48th Legion Treasure Chest    Treasure Chest of the 48th Army
182216321    quest_62200a    Artificial Aether Generator Repair Tool    Aether Generator Repair Tool
182216322    quest_62202a    Vespine's Luciferin    Vespines Luciferin
182216323    quest_62203a    Red Hill Fungy's Clam    Fungie Peel
182216324    quest_62203b    Red Hill Fungus' Tentacle    Fungen Tentacle
182216325    quest_62204a    Relics Exploration Map    Map to Explore the Ruins
182216326    quest_62205a    Sample of Star Coral's Flower    Coral Flower
182216327    quest_62206a    Coral Horn Sample    Coral Horn Sample
182216328    quest_62207a    Coralback Sample    Coral Ridge Sample
182216329    quest_62213a    Salty Soil Sample    Earth Sample
182216330    quest_62213b    Rubbing Tool Bag    Rubbing Utensils
182216331    quest_62213c    Mural Rubbing    Wall Relief Rubbing
182216332    quest_62213d    Fossil of Ancient Creature    Ancient Fossil
182216333    quest_62215a    Bloody Sweet Liquor    Blood Liquor
182216334    quest_62219a    Rockskin Shell    Fossilised Shell
182216335    quest_62223a    Wild Drana Seed    Drana Seeds
182216336    quest_62225a    Brohum Nutrient Powder    Powdered Brohum Feed
182216337    quest_62226a    Plow Tail    Plough Part
182216338    quest_62227a    Old Balaur Document    Old Balaur Document
182216339    quest_62231a    Treasure of Jotun Box    Nephilim Treasure
182216340    quest_62232a    List of World's Surprising Treasures    Incredible Treasure List
182216341    quest_62238a    Crystal Shell    Crystal Shell
182216342    quest_62240a    Phnoe's Diary    Phanoe's Diary
182216343    quest_62241a    Glowing Essence    Essence of Light
182216344    quest_62241b    Green Moss Mucus    Moss Slime
182216361    quest_62221a    Tightly Tied Bundle    Tightly Bound Load
182216543    quest_72206a    Enshar Ruins Piece    Vengar Fragment
182216544    quest_72223a    Monster's Belongings    Drakan Possessions
182216545    quest_72223b    Monster's Belongings    Drakan Possessions
182216546    quest_72229a    Moonlight Cave Sparkle's Wings    Moonbeam Wings
182216547    quest_72229b    Sea Giant's Ornament    Sea Giant Jewellery
182216548    quest_72229c    Moonlight Cave Nependeth's Seed    Moonbeam Seeds
182216549    quest_72229d    Tejhi Ritual Offering    Ritual Offering
182216550    quest_72200a    Lost Backpack    Lost Backpack
182216551    quest_72201a    Red Pearl    Red Pearl
182216552    quest_72203a    Sea-Patterned Vespine's Scale    Vespines Scale
182216553    quest_72203b    Corarico's Scale    Korarico Scale
182216554    quest_72204a    Dried Seaweed Sample    Algae Sample
182216555    quest_72205a    Sample of Star Coral's Flower    Coral Flower
182216556    quest_72209a    Coralback Rotron's Shell    Coral Ridge Rotron Shell
182216557    quest_72213b    Token of Friendship    Token of Friendship
182216558    quest_72213a    Highland Husk    Highland Leather
182216559    quest_72214a    Yellowthorn Spinefish Flesh    Fugus Meat
182216560    quest_72214b    Seashell Fungie Flesh    Fungie Meat
182216561    quest_72214c    Yunish Seafood Soup    Mixed Seafood Soup
182216562    quest_72215a    Tejhi Weapon    Aquan Weapon
182216563    quest_72216a    Tejhi's Token of Faith    Sign of Faith
182216564    quest_72218a    Highland Malodor Seed    Malodor Seed
182216565    quest_72218b    Improved Seed    Improved Seed
182216566    quest_72219a    Rockskin Shell    Fossilised Shell
182216567    quest_72224b    Mysterious Keepsake    Memento
182216568    quest_72226a    Supraklaw Flesh    Karabi Meat
182216569    quest_72227a    Sea Giant's Crystal    Sea Giant Crystal
182216570    quest_72228a    Token of Unity    Token of Unity
182216571    quest_72230a    Ancient King's Treasure Map    King's Treasure Map
182216572    quest_72235a    Shining Blue Crystal Fragment    Blue Crystal Fragment
182216573    quest_72236a    Melchor's Venom    Melchor Poison
182216575    quest_72238a    Cold Blue Crystal    Blue Crystal
182216576    quest_72241a    Burning Rock Shard    Ember Rock
182216577    quest_72242a    Blue Mane Kirrus Meat    Kirrin Meat
182216578    quest_72240a    Red Desert Lobnite's Meat    Desert Lobnite Meat
182216583    quest_70404a    Flute of Destiny    Flute of Destiny
182216584    quest_70406a    Nachtish Legion Treasure Chest    Nazra Legion Treasure Chest
182216604    quest_72221a    Tightly Tied Supplies    Firmly Bound Equipment
182216618    quest_39900a    Pandora Seed    Pandora Seeds
182216619    quest_39900b    Pandora Certificate of Merit    Pandora Service Certificate
182216662    quest_49900a    Pandora's Fruit    Pandora Fruit
182216663    quest_49900b    Pandora Certificate of Praise    Pandora Service Statement
182216740    quest_39900c    Apprentice Agency Member Certificate    Office's Teaching Certificate
182216741    quest_39900d    Veteran Agency Member Certificate    Office Skills Certificate
182216742    quest_49900c    Apprentice Agency Member Certificate    Office's Teaching Certificate
182216743    quest_49900d    Veteran Agency Member Certificate    Office Skills Certificate

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