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Hi, I'm in kind of a weird situation but I hope someone can help

I tried to install Aion on my laptop, however the installer crashed because I didn't have enough space on my C drive. So I deleted what I thought was all the files, and wanted to try again on my second hard drive where there's plenty of space. However, the Aion installer now does "repair", and needs to connect to the NC launcher. I downloaded the NC launcher installer separately, but whenever it installs it now installs to my previous hard drive. I tried moving the files over once they were installed on the C drive, but the launcher needs to be in the C drive or Aion won't launch, and when it does it always wants to install all these files to the C drive, I can't change it. Is there any way to delete EVERYTHING so I can re install 100% on my D drive without it being a "repair" launcher, or set it so that when I install the launcher separately it installs in the D drive instead? If I delete everything again I'm scared it will just be a repair launcher, even though my default drive for files to save is set to my D drive.



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Launcher has to be installed on the C drive, but, when you're installing the game itself, you should be able to set the D drive as the destination drive for the game.

Have you entirely uninstalled everything before reinstalling the launcher and the game?

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