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@Hime - A couple questions.

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@Hime hello i just wanted to ask a couple questions.

1. Can we get skins back in BCM? Like all of them not just 2 or 3.

2. Any chance that we get stigma enchantment event soon?

3. Please bring back the enchantment stone drop to instance bosses.

4. Any news about the limit removed on the ancient stone boxes in lakrum?

5. Can we get a reduction on the price to the select retuning thingy? 160 luna IS ALOT.


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8. What will happen with boxes from event "Hungry Hatchlings"? It is said in the description "The item will be deleted when the event ends". However, it is said also in [Event] Promise Ring Piece from last event and I still have them. I would like to know it for keeping these boxes from Stormwing or using them before the 7.5 update. Thanks!

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