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[7.5] Inggison / Gelkmaros / Silentera Canyon - Repeatable Quests, Monster Stats

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For 7.2 mob stats comparison:

9,998 PDef / MDef: Mobs in the middle contested column, leader mobs, FM from Nergal

11,209 PDef / MDef: most current Demaha and Red Katalam regular mobs

  • 237,906 HP: regular mobs
  • 764,249 HP: Red Katalam Camp Assassins
  • 2,539,798 HP: elites
  • 3,915,523 HP: Crucible Spire Middle Level Floor 1

13,499 PDef / MDef: Demaha Regatus Drakans and Red Katlam camp bosses

  • 328,779 HP: Regatus Drakans
  • 833,757 HP: Red Katalam Level 1 Camp Bosses

15,349 PDef / MDef: Demaha legendary world bosses and Shattered Abyssmal Shattler Yamones

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Inggison/Gelkmaros and Lakrum normal mobs (level 80) have the same HP/defenses as the 7.0-7.2 Demaha regular mobs. The lower level mobs in Ingg/Gelk have much lower defenses, so new players should farm the lowest level areas as possible to farm their first PvE weapon, then armor.

I still need to work on a similar list for Demaha and Red Katalam mobs. But I did a bit of sampling of normal mobs in these zones and found that Demaha regular mobs now have 13,399 defenses and a Red Katalam regular mob now have as much defense as Demaha legendary world bosses...

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