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Is there any way to get sw set?


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Hey as the title says, i was really wondering if there is any way to get the stormwing set being lvl 80? I tried getting the set while i was lvling up but there werent any players applying for pt so i couldnt get it, and since they did the choice to remove the mentor thing i cant just carry a low lvl char with one at max lvl, i was really left with no way to get it... and I really want to have it, its always been my favourite set since i started playing on 2.0 and i really want to get it for the nostalgia :7 ik its ingame because beshmundir temple its still there... thats exactly why i feel even more annoyed at the fact that i cant get it because its there... so yeah.. if anyone knows a way to get it pls tell me :7 ,also... why dont they have old sets skins on the store anymore? i remember there used to be the tiamat set and stormwing and more on the store to use for skins and now therye removed... if it was still up on the store i would buy it no doubt...

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Mentor mode wasn't removed, it has same limitations as before, u can't Mentor a toon higher lvl than 50, to be able to do so first you need to make a bridge, invite a low lv start mentor mode and then invite the lv 50+

for info about skin farming you can check this post:

 about BCM state nobody really knows why NCwest refuses to make money selling skins, ppl been asking them a lot for years, i guess they are just lazy and make enough money by selling transformations contracts?

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No, you cannot get the Stormwing skin at level 80. I've tried:

On 4/4/2020 at 4:51 PM, Vantheria-DN said:

The boyfriend and I leveled toons to run Beshmundir Temple to check on skins availability in there. Since BT is NOT soloable at its level (took us a while to kill basic mobs with ultimate xforms, full cubics, +12 stigmas etc), I had not checked on the  skin situation in there.

Sadly, the regular mobs drop the IS skins (easily obtainable in Udas Temple and other places). The first few mini-bosses only drop IS skins as well. Isbariya the Resolute (2nd to last boss) and Stormwing DO drop the Stormwing skins. Unfortunately, they drop in ancient armor/weapon boxes which are not transferable to level 80 toons. I did try to pass them to my main just to confirm, but no-go. So sad news, but there we go. No Stormwing skins for level 80 toons.


BUT GOOD NEWS... those skins will become available in game again in a future patch! (Not the patch we are getting next week; it will be the patch after that.)

On 4/5/2020 at 4:29 PM, Shaidessa-KT said:

Stormwing skins along with what looks like Prowess sets will make a return to the game starting April 8th in Korea with the 7.6 patch The Secret Sword.


These are either Aetherforged or come out of the level 80 updated Beshmundir Temple of Storm.

[Source] https://shugogirl.tumblr.com/post/614419222062399488/aion-76-the-secret-sword



2 hours ago, Zefkil-DN said:

i remember there used to be the tiamat set 

You can get this skin set in game AT LEVEL 80! The mobs/bosses inside Tiamat Stronghold are level 71, so the ancient armor/equipment boxes that drop on the boss (with the Tiamat skins inside them) are lootable by your level 80 toons! Just go inside and kill them, ez. Note, it's a CHANCE to drop the ancient equipment/weapon boxes, so it may take you a few tries to get them.

On 10/18/2019 at 4:20 PM, Vantheria-DN said:

Tiamat Stronghold Weapon Skins


Name of the skins in 7.0: Ancient Drakanfire
Where to get: Tiamat Stronghold
Level your farming toon needs to be: 71-80
Type of loot: Ancient weapon box
How to get: It is found on the boss, Tahabata. They are not passable between characters as they are inside boxes, but you can just run the instances on your level 80 toons since Tahabata is a level 71 mob!
Special notes: These DO have the red glow on them! Is a CHANCE to get these boxes, so it may take you a few runs. Unfortunately, since they are inside weapon boxes, you will get the "best" one for your class. For example, as a chanter, I am given a box with a staff; I don't get to choose a mace or shield instead.

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