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This is my subjective opinion on all mounts in all games: If you’re going to have a horse pop out of your $&@ like that why not just implement a run system? 
Or, alternatively, a mount capture/care system?

Or, explain it as it exists as fiction?

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Mounts exist for some years, they running speed is at best 13 so now with the transformation system they only give +1 speed to the perma 12 most people have, it is the sprintingspeed that makes it more worthy as it goes up to 16 (if I remember correctly)

You want them to implement a system where you "capture" a wild horse and make it a mount. Yeah, lets keep dreaming, they have been deleting simple things like professions, housing, skins crafting etc, they most likely are happy with the game retardification, they won't implement such elaborate systems that are bringing only joy to gamers and not money in the company.

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just to be sure... a '' Run system '' is something like Blande & Soul were your toon can like sprint for some short time until stamina runs out?

i guess its just a matter of taste why some games go for Mounts or only Running.

About capture system i think that is not very common, from like 10 MMORPG i played only one had a capture system, Jade Dinasty, but was to use the mobs as minions to help you in combat not as a mount.

From what i understand what bothers you the most is the Lore behind the mounts? and how we can summon them? well... mounts were implement long ago, and sadly all the maps,npc and quest related to any Mount are probably gone, the only Quest i know it still exist, is in Oriel/Peron in the middle of it, there is a Mount Merchant Shugo with 1 quest.

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