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Pin Problem is real

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I have gotten the message that I "entered the PIN wrong 5 times and I got a ban for 8 hours" many times, I close the client and re-open it and it is working correctly.

But today I got the message, I hit OK so the client closed, I re-opened it and I got the same message again, I closed it and re-opened and again the same.

I went through the site login to see if this fixes it (as the message prompts) and it didn't do anything. My account is banned for 8 hours because of the PIN bug. I can retry some time later but if this continues then I guess the bug is not really that innocent and it does actually ban your account.

Because of the hour zone I live I will not be able to get the stormwing pet gift today, because in less than 8 hours the daily reset occurs.

My resolution for this is to totally remove the PIN feature until you guys find a way to fix this. You constantly find new ways to keep players away from the game, if someone wants this game closed, just let us know, don't play those trick games with us with pin problems,unstable servers, and disconnects, just blatantly let us know that you want us gone.


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This seems to happen on and off every week. Since you could just close the client and relog, as you pointed out, the issue wasn't a big problem. You are saying that, for you, this is no longer the case? Did you actually get locked out for 8 hours?

Sadly, even blocking people out I doubt anything will be done about this. First, NCWest would need to figure out why this happens and then NCSoft Korea would have to put in a fix for it. That's a lot of hoops for management to jump through when they haven't shown a lot of willingness to put much time into the running of Aion.

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And this shows why we shouldn't get regional nerfs (I never say regional changes, whatever change ewe ever got was a blatant nerf).

If Korea had the same issue they would have found a solution, we get this types of problems only in NA at the moment, our servers' instability and/or our regional nerfs can be blamed.

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