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improve stigma enchantment rates, this event is pointless,
you just put stigma enchantment stones in BCM,
that's what an event should do, not just add p2w items in store

@Hime add to this event better stigma enchantment rates please :)
if this is a event we should have better rates enchanting stigmas than in a normal situation 

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2 minutes ago, MetalPhantomEvil-DN said:

to complain, every time someone regains a full belly.


took advantage of the egg event? People with a few accounts managed to collect more than 1000 enchant stigmas.

Sure, but explain to me how maybe a new/returning player is supposed to catch up then?

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3 minutes ago, Kubei-DN said:

Sure, but explain to me how maybe a new/returning player is supposed to catch up then?

Even if they did increase the enchant rate a new/returning player isn't going to catch up with this event without heavily spending. Would be nice if we got the increased rate at +9 or higher (35% in KR) but the +12 safe spot is enough to ensure anyone that was prepared will get their +15 stigs, finally.

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we have enough disadvantage already after the ultimate xform event
every p2w has a ulti xform while rest is wearing a legendary xform
now theywill have gold stigmas
this kind of thing makes you want to give up and play another game
at least put better rates to +12 then ppl without 1000 alts or thousands of dollars can reach +12

1 minute ago, ANASTASIAME-KT said:

In 7.5 we have new rates. http://prntscr.com/soee1g

dude thats from GF, they had 35% in na we have the worst rate of all regions

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33 minutes ago, Unskilled-KT said:

Was thinking to come back... Guess that is what waiting me in the game with my T1.

We are the robe-unbuttoned class, this is another patch not made for sorcerers, sorc will always be an outdated class unless they decide to turn our skills instant like most classes have. Their skills do equal or more dmg to our ulties but our ulties have like 4 second base c.time while their are either instant or just charged a little. We already got sleep revamped so it no longer gives increased m.def (which now fear does) so we got our fix for the next few years until they decide to fix something else.

Our shield for example, blocks a total of about 4,5k dmg, in the times where even tanks can hit you for close to 20k in one shot, while their defensive buffs/shield make our ulties hit for a 3-digit dmg.

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