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Stigma enchant event catch?

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Wait a second...the NPC needs 15 [BCM] stones for one +9 stigma? If you buy the bundle for 4000 BC Coin, you get 35 normal stones and 15 [BCM] stones... I thought if you bought this pack you could get 3 +9 stigmas because you get 50 total stones. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

I am wrong here? i was gonna spend a bit on this event at first, but after reading it again, it turns out you get one +9 stigma for 100 bucks because you have to buy the bundle for the 15 BCM stones!

If so, what a rip off, and I ain’t spending a freaking dime. Don’t pull something like this and expect us to be blind to it. I hope I’m wrong, but knowing NCSoft and there prices, I doubt it.

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I mean it very clearly says you get 15 BCM stones and 35 regular stones, they aren't trying to bait and switch. There is no trick or chance for misunderstanding.

The stones that can be used for the quest are the same gold ones you can get from game of fate, which can be brokered. Not the mythic (purple) ones, so you can always buy them on the broker as well.

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