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Any hope for more available cosmetic items?

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Since 6.0 the selection of skins has been... not so great. So many vendors removed, all the BCM skins removed and luna skins removed. 

Furniture is in the same boat. Other than the Breezy set and the couple sets in BCM it's so hard to get any furniture. Guestblooms and Hearthblooms seem to have been pretty much completely removed as well. (More skins)

And they're not exactly cosmetic, but.. in 5.8 we were able to craft a handful of different permanent mounts using luna crafting, but now we only get 5/7 day ones and 1 permanent one that is slower than running..


It would be nice if we had more armor/wing/weapon skin options available either through in-game or BCM, along with furniture and other things like motions/emotes. 

@Hime Also is there any chance of mixing up the cosmetic items in luna crafting at all? We've had the exact same things in there for months, when it used to be changed up every couple weeks. :(

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Have you tried crafting the Mysterious Material Box that is available for 16 luna? I read somewhere that the majority of everything we used to have was moved under the Mysterious Material Box. At least that explains all the skins that the broker has. I tried it 2 times, and all i got was junk, maybe with enough tries there is a chance of obtaining something valuable.

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Hopefully we'll see more of those because the game has so much to offer on this aspect but NCSoft is not doing much with it while there's HUGE demand for it. We have so many old items like skins, dye, furniture, plants and more which players would love to get, farm or even pay for it but they just reduced it dramatically for many many months (or even years) now. T.T 

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