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Can't choose a proper name to my account on the forum

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Subj. I have 2 characters of lev.  80 on this account, one of which is main and the other alt (backup for another main), the alt is older. When I first came to this forum  it asked me to select a name to create a forum account, but in fact there was no choice in selection, only 1 name of the old alt. I couldn't select the name SamanSasha which I wanted to select. I also encountered this problem during the last year on other Aion accounts. But it worked before, when this forum in this format started! (3 years ago?) Why did it stop working? Please fix it!!  

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Aion forum names are kinda buggy, you are supposed to have a character high enough in level (not sure what the level limitation is). But it doesn't work like that, it doesn't update the chars you have at least not instantly.

There are people who have level 80 characters in their accounts and can't even be part of forums because the forums do not recognize they have high enough player to have a forum account. I guess this updates pretty rare, so you gotta give it a few months to be sure your newer char is going to be selectable in forums.

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