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Leveling Missions on Balaur Ground Inggison

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I belive this is a known issue but i would like to call attention to it. there are few leveling BLUE mission on some garrisons around heiron, that cant be progressed without the Balaur presence, as they are BLUE  and no LightBLUE they should be progressed without any problem cuz they are EXP and not RENOW Missions.

I suggest to correct this because  old Players dont know that and garrisons keep green all time, took me like 3 mins to get to one that recently changed and while i was on the mission, another player came, killed the garrison commander and left me without mission again. im a returning player and my chars are kind of stuck on progression cuz of this.


the orange marks on map are some of those areas, and the  missions i have are:

Research Knows No Bounds

Obstacle to Research

Mother's Foes

just a reminder, lvl 77 crappy 70 mission equiptment, and even with a SW takes me time to kill a mob, im on the lvling cuz want the basic pve to move on, but with this issue its taking longer. (3 days and stuck on late 70s) because the other missions are lvl locked. pls take care of that.

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I have the same quest but I believe something has to happen at  the garrison.  Maybe we need a garrison commander to occupy the fort for this to change the mobs from "Raging" to normal.  Then we can kill the mobs and acquire the items?  Just spit balling here.

I started playing Aion when it came out in 2008 and stopped in 2011.  I sorta kinda remember something like that back then. 

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