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Ncsoft ! We need Ultimate Transformation Event

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Events to get exclusive items are bad for any new players and thus bad for the game, the whole system itself needs a revamp on how to get higher tiers. Gambling with RNG shouldn't be the only way, you should be able to gamble but also take a safer route with more materials.

Like they could make it so if you combine 30 legendary transforms you get a sure ultimate... it is tough and hard to get 30, I said 30 because it can be seen as a goal, but everyone can do it with the lugbug transform system, the abyssal splinter transformation contracts and potential RNG combinations that you could get. It should take you time and effort, but your effort should be rewarded, not thrown into the RNG rubbish.

I have friends who used more than 50 legendary transforms for combining since 6.0 came, and they still run with 0 ultimates.

And of course remove any potential way of acquiring infinite amounts of legendary transforms with p2w via BCM, so this won't be another p2w system for ultimate.

Give people the way to make everything the RNG-cheap way or the Expensive-secure way. This way whoever is active since 6.0 should after 1,5 years of transformation system be able to acquire through effort the ultimate transform.

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