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need some gearing advice

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I found 2 daevanion skill marks on esoterace.

well, idk if this is the right way, but i find myself easier to grind instances after gradually equiped ultimate lakrum gear. Because risiel/windiel gear way too weak i think.

My advice is to use your risiel/windiel set to farm genesis crystal, get ultimate lakrum gear and you'll be fine grinding instances from there.:D.

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You can farm Titan Coins from basic mobs on Inggison or Gelkmaros. Use the Titan Coins to buy PVE gear. You should buy the weapons and 6 gear pieces with the Titan Coins. The best part of those PVE gear is that you don't have to roll on the bonus stats, and they give you same running speed and attack/casting speed as the best gear in game does.

You can farm Genesis Crystals on Lakrum to buy the the wings, plume, bracelet, and 6 accessory pieces. Completing the helper quest will reward you a couple of the pieces of ultimate feather and accessory so you wont have to buy those pieces. With those sets you should be good to farm Blood Marks to buy the 2nd best PVP gear in game on Crimson Katalam and to do the PVE instances to earn best PVE gear.

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