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Hello @Hime


I appreciate we starting to have events that awards Platinum Cubicle Bundles, but since we get RANDOM cubic attack/defense from any end-game foe (Stella lab normal and Berunerk Estate) included 1 cubicle bundle is not enough to even scratch the surface.

A level 1 requires 180 platinum cubic, attack or defense doesn't matter, getting 1 Platinum Cubicle Bundle its 1/18 of a random boss ( 8 bosses btw) I can do a math to see how many months or maybe years will take us to complete any of those cubics.

So i ask to increase the platinum cubicle rewards from events from 1 to 5. ( because its weekly)


And the event quests rewards from 3 to 10.

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2 hours ago, Zombiex-DN said:

we need choosable cubics come on ZzZzZzZz 
we were waiting for years to have platinium cubics and we getting this ? GG

You've been waiting for years when they got introduced in 7.2 which was 5 months ago?

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Need 1800 cubics per boss cubic x 8 bosses = 14,400 cubics needed for all. 

This isn't even scratching the surface and it's literally impossible to kill Frigida as currently implemented even for the most geared groups. Also there are only a few groups consistently beating PF HM 2nd/3rd boss.

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10 hours ago, Zombiex-DN said:

Well im thinking about Frigida in PF HM and how that bish is still alive in years cause ncsoft made that boss unkilleable unless u have platinium cubics lol

She's trying her very best ok.

But yeah, I'm really glad you guys are starting to give us platinum cubics. Thank you. But we need SO MANY MORE. 10 random platinum cubics per week is... nowhere near enough.

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