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Weekly Server Maintenance - June 10, 2020

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45 minutes ago, Serienne-KT said:

@Hime @Loki

Can we have consistent costume(s) rotations available at  in the BCM? :(


Fixed it for ya.

Srsly tho @Hime @Loki we're getting kinda desperate here. You were supposed to put skins in the BCM every 2 weeks but you've been neglecting to do it for months now. We expected someone to update the BCM 2 days a month. That's a pretty low bar and yet... disappointment. r09BUSK.gif

It's almost like you don't want our money. 

And yeah at this point I am not sorry I grandfathered an absurd pile of skins and armor into the game; especially the re-skinable ones.

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