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Recommendation when you get undesired Runestones/Gemstone Slots


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So I'm just trying to see if there are options other than just getting new replacement pieces of the same gear in order to change Runestone slots/Gemstone slots. If we had access to Dazzling gemstones a bit easier, my Gemstone slots (for PvE gear, not PvP gear) would be amazing. But I have 2/2/2, so I can't even get a bonus skill from a shining gemstone. As for Runstones, I've opened both PvP and PvE gear, and an additional bracelet, and I got 5 Support and 2 Boost runestone slots, no attack. No pieces of gear have Rainbow on either Runestones or Gemstones. So, what do I do?

Really at a loss as I start to see people with absurd attack Runestones and bonus skills from Shining gemstones.

@NCSoft, are there plans to make these slots changeable with items or something?

@players, are you just getting new cruel demaha pieces and using for both PvE and PvP when you finally get a decent slot?

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I opened my cruel accessories and 4 ofthem have a red slot while 2 of them have a rainbow slot and that was the first try ever, I never needed doubles!

I opened my Dark Talon accessories and I got 3 blue, 2 Red and 1 Green.

I could have gotten me more cruel accessory boxes if those failed, but making new Dark Talon accessories is out of question, I have everything to make them, but I refuse. I have spent ultimate manastones on those, hundreds of millions of kinah for retunes, many thousand lunas for selective retuning and obviously the extra enchants to make the ulties to +15.

The reason I refuse to do this, is because we are at 7.5 already, mark my words, at 8.0 we will most likely have all of this rendered useless somehow and all of this work will be gone.

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