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Can't transfer my character (Ka->Da)

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I already checked to be all right with requeriments one by one and it seems to be ok. I supposed to be able to use the service but it says it's just not possible.

Still can't transfer. Any ideas why?

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The transfers don't reopen until the 25th.



Server merges are scheduled for October 11, 2017. The current timeline for merges is as follows:

  • September 27: Housing auction will be temporarily disabled.
  • October 4: Character creation, Character Name Change, Legion Name Change, Character Server Transfers will be temporarily disabled.
  • October 11: Merges are here. Brace yourself.
  • October 25: Free character transfers resume for a limited period to resolve faction conflicts.
  • Mid November: Character transfers will be disabled and accounts with faction conflicts will have their characters force transferred to the other server.


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