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Omega Event - Elyos won first round

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Just now, AriaTheMelodious-DN said:

A delete-worthy event? Yes. Waste of time? Nope, the asmo rubbish talking in Elyos LFG made it 200% worth missing altars for this win

you got me there lol ….watching asmos get on to talk shit before the boss even popped was amazing because we got it and pulled it before they ever knew it was up lmao

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12 minutes ago, Lucimon-DN said:

Seems like the glass is half full for the asmos today :) lol all world bosses today went to elyos

easiest WB i never did in my life gg

2 minutes ago, MiphaBae-DN said:

Omega didn't spawn on elyos side btw, we just had someone pull it to our spawn.

that hero was a BR gg

15 minutes ago, Mystoganrr-DN said:

Ncsoft, pls, i beg u 1000000 times, increase the lvl of the bots in asmos side, it was an ez win for us, even if the loot was garbo, it was 2 ez to get that wb :(:(

Really easy dude i killed like 500 asmos with a single skill

19 minutes ago, 2sE3F54-DN said:

If you consider winning getting your whole faction steam rolled countless times and getting NCSoft to favor elyos with spawn locations, then yeah, you won. Congrats. 


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Does anyone have a video or screen-capture of where Omega spawned? Because from the Asmodian perspective it appeared to load directly into the Elyos side of the map. I am not calling anyone a liar, I'm not into getting into beefs over a game. I would just like to know where he/she/it initially loaded.

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There's no icon on the map or alert (which I think fuelled the theories that it spawned at elyos base), but I have the whole incident recorded. Multiple people of various legions said they saw it being kited and everyone is saying it was done by the same person. That person was not in Jotun Square or anywhere near elyos base when he xformed.

So I'm pretty sure it is more likely that the boss was just ninja'd and kited rather than NC randomly deciding to spawn it in the elyos outpost. The same kind of speedy ninja-ing that would go unnoticed with Anomos if he didn't have an alert on screen and an icon on the map

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I think part of the issue too, is that you often can't see omega with shift+f12 on, so he'd be really easy to miss. Even with a good pc the game engine doesn't handle that many character models well and almost everyone plays with shift+f12 on at those times.

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