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Questions about new update


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  • While browsing the new update, I have several questions and I cannot find answers. So, I try myself here ... Thank you in advance for your help.
  • How does the capture of fortresses work? Is it the legion that contributes the most or is it the head of the league who captures them?
  • When I go to (Demaha), there is (Mining Byproduct) next to (Neglected Stellin Drill). Does this item appear only near the towers and how do their appearances work? Is it random or does something have to be done? And do you know the time for the respwan of this item?
  • In the area of (Lakrum) and (Katalam), are there any hidden items like on the other cards?
  • Do you know the time to respwan the monsters hidden on (Gelkmaros) and (Inggison)?

A big thank you and good game to you ?

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