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Power shards


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Been long a time since this bug is happening but my inventory is almost full cause of the new things from this patch and stuff that doesn't stack.


Powershards when you run out they don't replace it immediatly even if you have them in the inventory, sometimes (very rarely) the powershards switch.

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Power shard auto-fill when you buy them directly from GST or when you open a pouch and you already have some in your shard slot equipped.

When you run out of shards and you have some sitting in your inventory, they do not auto fill, you have to manually put them in and you need to re-activate them.

Also if you have powershards (lets say only 2k left) in your shard slot and you right click on shards on your inventory to mount those, your current shards (2k) will be removed and the inventory shards will be mounted... and you have to re-activate them again using the "B" button.


I wish there was an auto fill for shards (maybe through a minion function), or even better instead  of 50.000 shards per slot they could have been 1.000.000 instead, some skills use way too many shards and they get empty really fast.

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