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Hello all,

Is it just me, but does everyone love the freeze frame, black frame, rubber banding, DC, The game has evolved into just plain rubbish as far as I am concerned. If you lag everywhere even instances how is this enjoyable? Its not. If NCSoft cant fix this then just shut down because its awful. I even use lag reducer and does not work. Hang it up NC Soft with AION cause its rubbish.  

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I am also having issues with high ping causing rubberbanding, which with some research apparently somewhere someone suggested that being on WLAN could be the root issue, and I get that you tend to have higher pings on WLAN than LAN, however I doubt that is my particular issue as it is only Aion which I am having this issue with and it is quite frustrating. To go from playing a game like World of Warcraft with an average of 30ms to having 400ms in Aion every time I play is quite annoying.

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