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New Server Name Suggestions

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  • Aion Team

We're looking for suggestions to name our merged servers! Please use the guideline below to provide a suggestion. Please only reply with serious names only as to not clutter it up.

  • One Word
  • Preferably faction-less reference
  • NPC names or locations OK
  • No previously used server names

Based on your suggestions, we will create an in-game survey before the merge for you to choose your favorite.

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Top Posters In This Topic

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Katalam (Siel, Beritra) Danaria (Israphel, Kahrun, Tiamat.)

Omega and Tempering Solution

Faction-less? It's probably best to keep it as Israphel and Siel, then. I really don't like anything else. Someone suggested Azphel (IS, KR, TM) and Ariel (SL, BR)

I like Siel & Israphel, since of all the Empyrean lords they're not really allied with either asmodians or elyos.

But I guess Azphel and Ariel is cool too.

Maybe Beritra - Ereshkigale as those are the dragon lords most evolved in the story right now, altho I see the complaints about the -BR tag and how Ereshkigale be too difficult :'D


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