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New Server Name Suggestions

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Katalam (Siel, Beritra) Danaria (Israphel, Kahrun, Tiamat.)

Omega and Tempering Solution

Faction-less? It's probably best to keep it as Israphel and Siel, then. I really don't like anything else. Someone suggested Azphel (IS, KR, TM) and Ariel (SL, BR)

On 8/21/2017 at 10:17 PM, Nyinu-KR said:

Says the guy from SL.


Beritra is not being folded into Siel. Beritra and Siel are combining to make something new. That's why the new server can't be called Siel. Unless you want the Beritra players to feel like dirt beneath your feet? Already their lack of GP is going to force many of them to give up their ranks. Their economy is going to make them kinah deficient. Their lack of kinah compared to SL players is going to make it much harder for them to get mansions/estates. And your bright idea to make them feel even less welcome and at home is to name the server after your server. Not sure how people can be so egotistical and selfish. 


I think the list of names is really good. Dragons and dragon lords and other fun, historical names from Aion lore. All fresh with no ego attached to them.

I don't really want for Siel to remain as a name (i do understand this is in some way a new beginning and keeping a name would not be fair for the others)but.. the suggestions (or most of them at least) are bad from my point of view, old server names (not only Siel) sounded strong, unique, special. I was just stating that compare to the alternatives... those names are better. And why the connection with Beritra players? i was talking about servers names, that does not mean i have anything with the people from there. Yeah things will be probably tough for some of them to adjust.. but it's not my fault. Really you should really try not judge that much and insinuate what other people might think. 

it's not egotistical or selfish, it's just an opinion.

That being said

Peace and Light


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On 8/9/2017 at 1:38 PM, Hime said:

We're looking for suggestions to name our merged servers! Please use the guideline below to provide a suggestion. Please only reply with serious names only as to not clutter it up.

  • One Word
  • Preferably faction-less reference
  • NPC names or locations OK
  • No previously used server names

Based on your suggestions, we will create an in-game survey before the merge for you to choose your favorite.

        Names would be    


       Shannara - Vitra 

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12 hours ago, Cyan said:

Hello all! Wanted to update everyone on the latest and hottest server merge news. The date of the merge have been set! Merges will be happening on October 11. Housing auctions will be disabled two weeks prior to that on September 27. Free character transfer without restrictions are still in progress, but we expecting to have them implemented sometime this week. More news on how they will work will come soon. Finally, the server names voted by the community are:

  • Katalam - SL/BR
  • Danaria - IS/TM/KR

It has already been announced. Enjoy! :3

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