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New Server Name Suggestions

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Katalam (Siel, Beritra) Danaria (Israphel, Kahrun, Tiamat.)

Omega and Tempering Solution

Faction-less? It's probably best to keep it as Israphel and Siel, then. I really don't like anything else. Someone suggested Azphel (IS, KR, TM) and Ariel (SL, BR)

1 hour ago, Zkaza-SL said:

[a post I wanted to quote originally but I don't anymore and the forums won't let me remove it, but this guy was talking about Katalam and Danaria as the server names]

Perfect way to trigger the veterans :/

I feel like it's time for new names instead of the same two.

How about:

Fregion [Siel + Beritra]

Meslamtaeda [Israphel + Kahrun + Tiamat]

Reasoning - fits notable figure naming convention, is factionless (since both are Dragon Lords), and are new names that don't imply the complete irrelevance of servers that aren't Siel and Israphel.

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  • Aion Team

Lot of suggestions so far which is great, but we would like to have serious names only please. The post has been updated with the request for serious names, as well as no previously used server names. Old server names are great, but going forward we are going to have never used server names. 

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From a player that been playing this game since beta. Please keep the name Siel.. Every time someone hears Siel it remind them of when Aion first started. If you remove the name then you just remove all the good memories people had on this server. I bet you do a survey to ask all the active players.. I bet at least 75% would agree to keep the name. #sielforever

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People are terribly homesick about Katalam and Danaria, but really, we need to move forward. Naming those servers as such will confuse players who quit pre 4.8 and that's just not right. I say, keep Siel (original server since launch!) and Israphel, both representing the East and the West. 

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I don't get why previously used server names is off the table if a lot of people like those names. What happened to being more open and listening to your player's feedback?

I understand trying to steer away from names that lean more towards a faction to try and discourage someone from picking a server due to the names themselves might be pushing for a faction but I don't think any new or old players have a problem with an old name. For the new players it's just a name reference. For the old players there's history to them.

Just my 2 cents. Anyways, while I honestly would have preferred Ariel and Azphel or at least Siel and Israphel but since those are off the tables, then Oriel and Pernon. Even though they're faction based, they are the names of the housing regions and the new servers whether we like them or not is our new home.

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Katalam and Danaria are great names, but I'm gonna cry everytime I read those names LOL.

I like Tahabata and Stormwing.

Or Tiamat and Ereshkigal, which are my favourite Dragon Ladys, but well, can't re-use Tiamat.

Maybe Ereshkigal and Fregion? 
Sheba and Modor? (2 of my favourite bosses)



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2 hours ago, Kubei-IS said:

Faction-less? It's probably best to keep it as Israphel and Siel, then. I really don't like anything else. Someone suggested Azphel (IS, KR, TM) and Ariel (SL, BR)

I like Azphel and Ariel. Those would be great. Though they are both previously used server names.

Would love to bring back Kaisinel and Ariel. The history of those servers touch hearts in many. Pretty decent since Kaisinel is apart of TM and Ariel is apart of SL. Somewhere in there.

Aside from ignore one of the rules to not choose previously used server names...

I would like, Zephyr and Bakarma

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It's really hard to find good factionless names (which have never ever been used before)
EU used a ton of names as well - I guess copy pasta them is also not allowed? :D


Maybe names regarding the new instances

'Eternity' (from archives, cradle and trials of eternity)
'Evergale' (evergale canyon)

Personally like the sound of them.

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