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New Server Name Suggestions

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Katalam (Siel, Beritra) Danaria (Israphel, Kahrun, Tiamat.)

Omega and Tempering Solution

Faction-less? It's probably best to keep it as Israphel and Siel, then. I really don't like anything else. Someone suggested Azphel (IS, KR, TM) and Ariel (SL, BR)

Hard "NO" to Katalam and Danaria. Maps were okay but the names are...eh, not really that cool. There are plenty other more creative suggestions I'm seeing. If we're going to name the server as a tribute to something great that is no longer in the game, it might as well be something like "1.5 Rifting", "Laestrago's Weapons"(+1 if you actually know what these are), "Abyssal Splinter", "Yamanes(?)", or "HighLevelsGetDropsInDP"

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u guys having problem naming it?!


make it easy...

siel + beritra = sielber ...or silver  ...or severe ...or saber

israphel + kahrun + tiamat = iskati ...or skate ...or escape


hmm...come to think of it, if u merge the incoming merged server again

severe + escape ...then it makes it severe escape!!!


wow! ...never saw that coming


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7 hours ago, Friendzoned-KR said:

The game seems to be big on Norse mythology, so for server name suggestions mine are:

Helheim (I know it's usually referred to as "Hel" but don't think NC would want something that close to "hell" as a server name)


I love these so pretty


Also like


Sematariux and Padmarashka

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Honestly I'd really like Ariel and Azphael, but if that's really impossible, i vote for Katalam and Danaria.
Lots of old player seems to be nostalgic about those zones and asking to bring them back since they were removed; part of the community seems to really feel for those names, which is good imho.

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Gee, you guys are bad at the "no previous server names" and "faction-less reference" part. xD

We could just carry on with the Dragon Lord names, so up next would be Ereshkigal + Meslamtaeda (or Fregion, because honestly, who the hell remembers Meslamtaeda's name).

2 hours ago, Maleficent-KR said:

Sematariux and Padmarashka

Tho I'm digging that one too!

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So, to sum it up:

- Siel / Israphel 
- Azphel / Ariel
- Katalam / Danaria
- Sarkang / Nochsanta
- Beritra / Ereshkigal
- Pashid / Sheba
- Veille / Mastarius
- Ereshkigal / Sieritra
- Typhon / Ganesh
- Aspida / Belus
- Modor / Haramel
- Tahabata / Stormwing
- Kromede / Apsu
- Mookie / Bubblegut
- Vaizel / Azphel
- Sarpan / Tiamaranta
- Modor / Hyperion
- Fregion / Meslamtaeda
- Seraphim / Shedim
- Ekios / Garnon
- Laksyaka / Surama
- Surama / Murugan
- Oriel / Pernon
- Modor / Sheba
- Lucem / Tenebris
- Zephyr / Bakarma
- Aspida / Disilon
- Sakrapes / Ereshkigal
- Eternity / Evergale
- Rune / Yune
- Helheim / Asgard
- Archdaeva / Ereshkigal
- Opel / Shurak
- Omega / Ragnarok
- Silona / Pradeth
- Padmarashka / Sematuriux
- Darkforge / Arismatah
- Ironfists / Erisiel
- Aimah / Parsia
- Apollo / Atlas
- Jakurerk / Vindachinerk
- Garnon / Baia
- Isis / Eros
- Lyo / Merly
- Garm / Fenrir 
- Shigel / Ashward
- Peregrine / Viola
- Roah / Asteria
- Noia / Inoa
- Icarna / Prida


  • previous server names
  • faction specific
  • popular

Please look through the list instead of suggesting the same rejected names over and over again ;)
(I left out the joke names, they're good jokes but yea - also, if you want to show support for a name,
click that little <3 button on the original comment, I'm sure that will help out sorting out the popular ones)

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