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Chanter Stuck on Knift on the heart compain

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39 minutes ago, DeepPurple-KT said:

Canot Enter Silentra for Hard Mode because of where i am in the compain other toons i have can w/o starting quest..

A lot of people had this issue because once you take the campaign, it makes you go to silentera entrance and teleports you to the instanced silentera which is for the campaign (not the actual one). If you cannot finish that campaign then you can never enter the real silentera until you finish it. I have heard a lot of supportive classes or undergeared people not being able to finish this, and thus whenever they clicked to enter silentera canyon (the real one) the campaign would teleport them to the instanced silentera which is for the campaign only.

So far every person that had this issue told me they finally managed to do it, some of them did open a ticket to have this campaign removed but I think they never got it to be removed and thus they had to finish it.

This is awfully bad mechanics and the campaign is solo (as far as I know) so you cannot get more people to help with the dps.

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