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@Lokiit's been 2 hours since this buggy we are going to get compensation?


not to mention that this freezing lag server all makes us close to npc or since upgrading to 7.5 i wonder if you guys will fix this sometime ?? @Hime

@Lokithis is another thing when you change the set to another that has runestone skill from the advice lag as well

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ncsoft IF need money for fix that bug or fix sever issue, Please list ultimate xfom on BCM with price like 3000 usd or 5000 usd, I'm not that rich but I will buy x2 for you.


(msg edited) my gf just said she gonna buy x2 too lol , so we buy x4 at least. 

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If you need money, put weapon and shield skins of Brilliant Fire Dragon, Transcendent Thunder Dragon, transparent shields, etc on BCM! And beautiful bikes of Sharptooth series (Voidtracer, Ripper, Mauler, Barbtail, yellow Airspike... And Archdaevic skins like Adma, and allow all Archdaevic armor to Luna Wardrobe! I would buy some, espacially for new toons!

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11 hours ago, HelliosRed-KT said:

and allow all Archdaevic armor to Luna Wardrobe

You can already put Archdaeva gear in the Wardrobe. I have 4 or 5 Archdaeva armor shirts in my Luna Wardrobe. You only can't if you're dyed it a different color or skinned over its original appearance.

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