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Weekly Server Maintenance - July 1, 2020

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With a change in a schedule that was already complicated for many players in Europe and South America, this change will further discourage the participation of sieges, reevaluate this time if possible for earlier 20:00 siege and 19:00 altar siege, another big problem is the birth of bosses during the siege this needs to be changed to a schedule without any kind of siege

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Why weren't we even given a survey? Why is it that the schedule just changed out of nowhere? Siege time will be at 12 am on the east coast. This is supposed to be NA server, yet people in NA aren't ge

Fortress sieges 8 PM is better for all. @Kibbelz

This is stupid, this is a NORTH AMERICAN SERVER. Now siege will be at midnight for the east coast...

1 hour ago, Kibbelz said:

Fortress sieges will now take place at 10PM server time, instead of 9PM.

WHAT THE NYERK???? are you really brain death NC West?? people have been asking for years to make sieges at least an hour earlier, and what do you do?? completely the opposite, AS USUAL!!!!

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1 hour ago, Kibbelz said:

There will be a scheduled maintenance Wednesday, July 1, 2020 from 6:00 a.m. CDT / 13:00 CEST. The game servers will be unavailable for approximately 2 hours.

Note: We are investigating an issue where players will be unable to obtain enough (Upgraded) Divine Protection Skill Book Secret Scrolls to create the resulting item. This issue is related to quests granted by event NPC 'Heavenly', and we look forward to sharing our plans to address this very soon.

Content Changes

  • The Celestial Armory event will begin.
  • The various Advanced Stigma Promotion Scrolls from the Stigma Promotion event, as well as the box providing them and promotion methods that use them, will be removed.
  • Fortress sieges will now take place at 10PM server time, instead of 9PM.
  • Luna can now be used for additional entries to The Red Cellar.
  • Removed some items from NPC sales lists that can no longer be used (for example, defunct teleport scrolls). Such items that are in player inventories will be exchanged for a usable one.
  • Adjusted the Luna NPC Eli's spawn location. She will now appear in Inggison and Gelkmaros as well as the capital cities.
  • Removed the season rank medal exchange NPCs. GP and Arena Seasons will be updated to provide the rewards directly in a future patch prior to the season’s end.


Gameplay Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Luna Consumption Rewards were incorrectly reverted.
  • Fixed an issue where flight time resets when traveling to the Battlefield server.
  • Pyre Soul in Lower Udas Temple will now only spawn once.
  • Fixed an issue where the Crucible Spire Teleport Scroll (4th Floor) could be consumed multiple times.
  • Fixed an issue where an incorrect mob would spawn in Altar of Ascension (Easy).
  • Fixed a display issue with some accessory visual effects.
  • Fixed an issue where quest target for the quests "A Knife in the Heart" (Elyos) and "The Advance" (Asmodian) would die too quickly to allied NPCs, preventing completion of the quest.
  • Fixed an issue where the radar would not display properly in the Abyss Core.
  • Fixed an issue where the Chaotic Vale instance could not be entered with a group.
  • Temporarily removed the Renown point reduction until we have a permanent fix which will reduce the Renown point only once a week

Localization Fixes

  • Corrected some Korean text appearing in the chat window during the Mortasha fight in Altar of Ascension.
  • Fixed an issue where the Songweaver's Daevanion skills Hurricane's Chant, Strengthened Hurricane's Chant, and (Advanced) Hurricane's Chant had incorrect names.
  • Fixed an issue where the Vandal's Daevanion skill book for the skill Chroma Burst was incorrectly named for Chroma Blessing.
  • Fixed an issue where Luminance accessories had inconsistent names.
  • Fixed an issue where the BCM item Dapper Suit was named Luxury Suit in-game.
  • Removed text related to Daeva Membership from Gold Ingot item on the Gold Sand Traders shop.
  • Fixed an issue where developer text was visible in some quest dialogs.
  • Fixed various minor typos in quests and items.


Maintenance Images!




@Kibbelz so far a north american game I need to stay up at 12 am just to do siege...on est time zone

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It is already obvious that game masters are not players and this is already very bad ... but taking decisions like changing schedules without checking the players is terrible ... obviously 90% of the server will find it absurd .... fortress remained empty .... they would love to hear the arguments because you thought this change would be positive ....

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2 hours ago, Kibbelz said:
  • Fortress sieges will now take place at 10PM server time, instead of 9PM.

if i felt per alot time that sieges were late... now... impossible to attend... not all ppl can wake up late on next day... even in coronavirus pandemia

I really try to dont be nonrespect with the staff, but they focus to do stupid choices every week, looks is the goal ... to show us how to kill a community faster than the last who quit.

welcome stranger new admin to the aion ncwest community... we hope you change ur goals pls

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Players: Siege is too late can we move it an hour back, A lot of people have to get up early to work in the morning or get to class or their kids to school.

NcSoft Employee1: Hey many players are asking for an earlier siege time what do you think about that?

NcSoft Employee2: Siege time should be adjusted lets do an hour later!

NcSoft Employee1: Ok that sounds legit a great Idea

Players: WTF we ask Siege for an hour earlier and you make it an hour later.

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@Hime @Loki @Kibbelz

Hi, I have some questions regarding this new changes incoming for siege schedule:

  • Do you know the percentage of players that will be benefited versus the percentage of players that will be harmed by your decision?
  • Where is the feedback from your customers to make these kinds of decisions?
  • There is enough information to support that this decision does not affect its main clients?
  • Did you carry out a study to know the impact of the schedule change? Or are they just arbitrary decisions?

All my previous questions are based on the Hime's post 1 week ago, that where it indicates that you make changes "Based on player feedback and request"

Personally, I only buy the prestige pack to get a bonus in Sieges, which I can no longer do because it will be at 1AM in my country. Sadly, these new conditions will make me reconsider the payment for next month if you do not manage to support your decision making.

Excuse me if I made a grammatical mistake, English its not my native language.

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9 minutes ago, Amiteahx-KT said:

Where are our Luna rewards for arena of discipline for February to May, also this fortress siege just brings it to the same time it was before daylight savings, but everything else is still early one hour compared to January.

Umm NO before daylight savings it was an hour earlier than what it is now. We are going an additional hour later. Siege has Never been this late on NA server since the initial 12 servers when we had east and west coast servers (RIP) and even then if you were an east coast player playing on Vaizel for example that was your choice if you wanted to play in a west coast time you knew beforehand that your stuff is gonna be much later. When my 1st server Triniel was gettign merged with Zikel cluster NCsoft gave us free transfers to one of the 4 new servers (Zikel and Israphel east coast and Vaizel and Siel West Coast). But many did not want to go to Vaizel/Siel at the time because dredge and siege were gonna be so damn late

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I think it should be the opposite.. 8pm server time.. and another thing right now we have 7 forts siege at the same time.. Why dont you put 1 siege per day, and give some quest rewards when you complete the 7 sieges? Armor or something...

it will be 12am in my country.. Many of us have family and have to go to work early on the morning...

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3 hours ago, Kibbelz said:

Content Changes

  • Fortress sieges will now take place at 10PM server time, instead of 9PM.

@Kibbelz Do you realize you are putting Siege time at Midnight for the East Coast? You will be completely eliminating the entire East Coast of North America from Sieges, on the North American Server. This is simply unacceptable.


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Would be preferable doing a 'no change' maintenance as the last one, instead of doing this.

If you like so much to do pointless changes to the game, here are two: change de 'Ciel's Messenger' spelling in some NPCs and make the lvl 4x mobs in Ingg/Gelk drop something.

And, like other said: don't change the Siege time. If you do, bring it to one hour earlier!!!

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I am going to echo the frustration and anger of my colleagues. There is NO WAY I am going to make 12am siege! Did you all even taken a moment to consider the consequences? North American server and no way for Americans to participate. PLEASE RECONSIDER.

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1 hour ago, Kali-EK said:

I miss when they did survey back in the days asking for siege schedule.

^^^ Just throwing support behind this.

Talk to us, take the feedback from this thread and throw out a survey in game to get a real impression of where the bulk of your players land on siege times. Sieges are supposed to be for us and are a critically important element of Aion that should be scheduled in such a way that a maximum amount of players can attend with strong consideration given to the simple fact that this is a North American server.

Keep it the same or bump it an hour earlier (imo).

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Please reconsider changing the siege times. For many of us, the current time is on the late side and if it is changed, we will no longer be able to attend due to having to go to work/school the following day.
Also, if you could consider changing the siege schedule altogether so that we don't have 7 forts go live all at once that'd be great. It has taken a lot of the fun and competition out of sieges. 

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