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Things that were forgotten in the game...


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Here's a list of useless things that are still found in Gelk from previous patches that didn't get taken out of the game yet:

Kenshurunerk, a shugo that is on a timer that spawns in Gelk that sells the old Drenium recipes that can no longer be used, is still in the game.


Weathered Object nodes that can no longer be gathered because the NPC that sells the extractors for them has been removed still are in certain spots of the map.

Minga Bigeyes a named mob that spawns in several locations that use to drop a cool staff skin is also still in the game but doesn't drop anything anymore.

I've submitted tickets about all of these things but every time I just get a generic auto reply that says i'm invited to share my thoughts via the official forums, so here I am! I think it's just kind of sloppy and confusing to some players why these things are in the game when they're not usable by players. (Except Kenshurunerk, he'll still take your kinah for a recipe that can't be used or NPC'd)

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