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Construction profession

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Like with most crafts, Aion has ruined the business economy.

Construction used to be really good.  It was a pain to level to master - I did all 7, and construction was the worst.  And for some reason, Aion hates construction masters.  They are the only ones that don't get the [hideous] Raiments of Mastery skin, and instead of a master recipe to choose from after turning in the mastery completion quest - you get a piece of furniture...which...is....just....WHAT?  You spend all the time and money to learn to make furniture...and they give you furniture.  Ok...

I'm not sure how the mergers will impact sales on construction items, but on TM is was really ruined by the event chests and the luna chests.  They give away permanent versions of stuff that used to be great money-makers.  On top of that, the value is not worth the effort so much now.  Ulmus cabinets used to sell for 6m on TM, back when a million kinah was a lot of money.  Pre-merger, TM ulmus cabinets were selling for 2m, and of course, now everyone is a billionaire and a million kinah barely gets you a cup of coffee at the Sanctum Starbucks.

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On 10/14/2017 at 6:54 PM, Plezurenpain-DN said:

Do people actually buy stuff that is player-made from the construction profession or do people just stick to BCM bought stuff and/or dropped items (if that even happens in Aion)?

You can also buy items from the NPC in Oriel or Pernon, plus the construction vendor (sry cannot remember the name)  in Sanctum/Pandemonium, will sell you some furniture beside the materials/recipes. :)

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