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Kinah is Kinah!


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It's very evident and clear that majority of players are buying kinah now days from reading threads on the forums and just watching LFG. I havn't yet personally but I can't say I blame people for doing this, making kinah this patch through gameplay is near impossible! There's a few ways to get items to sell on the broker for a little kinah, but that doesn't last long and involves a lot of lucky RNG. It's either that or make 1,000,000 alts to farm Luna daily and pray for a Kinah box craft...which tbh is not that fun. 

Here's what I suggest:

 Raise the kinah droprates from mobs inside instances
 Increase the white item values to something manageable
 Increase Kinah rewards for Siege participation
 Add Kinah bundles to World Boss Loot tables (Make it 1 per participant)

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Strongly agree with these suggestions, kinah generation through non-luna methods is far too low. We live in a world where old methods of kinah farming were obliterated in the name of denying bots an easy source of income only to have luna, an even more bot-friendly kinah generator, rise in its place. I'd rather go slap a million rubbish mobs for whites to vendor than coordinate afk luna instances on 6432256 accounts :(.


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