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Step 1: Before Demaha closes, which is at 9am server time kisk yourself. Be sure to kisk youself near the world/mini boss spawn location.

Step 2: When you know the boss/mini has spawned enter Katalam and kill yourself (you will resurrect at kisk). Be sure to bring GOOD DPS because you have 2 minutes before you get kicked out of the map. 


Note: Make sure you bring Strong DPS since you will have some competition. I've seen some Elyos/Asmos doing it today.


Enjoy your loot!!


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5 hours ago, Kali-EK said:

If you've seen them report their names so the support can check in the logs if those players were actually inside demaha during that time.

I don't think this is a bannable thing. It is not like they cheated, having a kisk in Demaha is OK, dying to Katalam and resurrecting in your kisk in Demaha is also a game feature, you get kicked within 2 minutes.

If they want, they can destroy all kisks when the portal closes, these are not glitches or bugs, these are game features that they allowed to be.

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