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Aion Blue Screens new PC

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I have a relatively new 2015 Alienware computer with lots of bells and whistles (dual GTX 980s).  The tower alone cost over $3000 and it’s having a hell of a time running Aion. 

Sometimes I can play fine, other times it crashes my computer and Blue Screens it.  It’s the only game I have that does this. 

Has anyone else had this problem?   I think I got error messages relating to the graphics cards overheating but really two 980s should be able to handle Aion.  It’s starting to be such a chore getting a good session and I’m getting discouraged. I can play very new games with max settings just fine....

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Well, bluescreen from hard drive failures can look like gpu because it'll throw DX/D3D errors. Do you heavily defragment often or heavily use torrents? Good for how to run a scan hard disk for errors for your OS version, that can rule that out at least if it finds no problems.

Have you ever opened the PC and blew all the dust out? It should be done regularly, say once a year, or every 4 to 6 months if you have pets or smokers around.

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