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Welcome to the New Aion Forums

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Welcome Daevas. Welcome to the new Aion forums! We hope you found logging in easy. ; )

You will notice that all Daevas have the same avatar image. We follow this same format with MXM, and Blade & Soul. One of the forum features we wish to add later down the line is a gallery of relevant avatars for you to select to best match your mood and/or personality.

Please use the Forum Code of Conduct as a guideline to your discussions and reactions to content posted and/or shared.

Enjoy your stay and we'll see you around!


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Logging into old forums... Logging into new forums... 

Nice! But we need a new website too!  Player Ranking, Legion Ranking... and others things. our website compared to the korean website is shameful. 

New forums. My time has come. Again.

  • Aion Team
7 minutes ago, XenXen-BR said:


But can we not change our avatars?


Edit: Just saw the edit, so nvm lol

Avatars will look like my current one. We just need to get the file uploaded!

Hi everyone!

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Hello, congratulations to the new forums.

However I still don't see an announcement on the main page.


Also I have a question: what happens, when someone deletes their display-character and someone else creates a character with the same name and assigns it to the other account? Does the forum have a security measures to prevent logging into another person's account, or did you keep this 'feature' from the old forums?

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